Shelter update: Gils has found a foster home; Buddy’s looking for one

Sometimes when a family is interested in a dog, they opt to foster first rather than move right to adoption. That’s pretty common – and completely acceptable – at the Potsdam Humane Society. After all, we’re all hoping for a great match. Gils has impressed some folks, and that’s no surprise: he’s a dog with heart and smarts. So fingers crossed that he and his foster folks do just fine together and they move on to adoption!

Next up for me? I started right up with three 5 month old puppies – all somewhat shy and all leash-adverse due to their lack of experience. The more outgoing two have been adopted, but as of this morning, Buddy is still there. Read more below and check out this quick video: he’s really a smart, good-natured boy: Buddy shows off “sit”

Buddy is a big puppy – a Cane Corso mix – and ready to start his best life with a best human friend.

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