I’ve moved – from my house out in the country to an apartment in a village, near where I work. To some people’s surprise, but not to my own, I’m very happy with the move. I love walking the streets with my dog; I love going to the small farmer’s market that is just a block and a half away. I even like seeing the lights of the traffic signal down the street at night out my living room window. I still love insects, and am very saddened by the lack of bees in what is a bumper crop of clover this year. I still have trees I can look into from my back deck, and I’m very happy to be a short drive to several swimming spots. Life is different, it’s good. These Canada Geese waiting through their molt are my neighbors now.

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What does Spring look like?

When I signed up in January to take two online writing classes back-to-back, 10 weeks straight of weekly reading and writing deadlines, I thought, “This will take me right through Winter and into Spring!” The last due date was yesterday, and here’s this morning’s view of the path through the backfield. That black dog in … Continue reading What does Spring look like?

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