Eudora’s writing spans poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. She has been published in Tule Review, the Aurorean (poetry), and in JAEPL: Journal of the Assembly for Expanded Perspectives on Learning and Blue Line (nonfiction). A former teacher, she has worked as a writing consultant in public and private schools to help teachers invigorate their writing instruction..

She has over a decade of experience in the public schools in New York State, including teaching in middle school and in alternative education. She has presented at the International and Midwest Writing Centers Association Conferences and has taught college level courses in Composition, Literature, and in First Year Programs.

She is passionate about helping students and teachers discover the potential of learning to write by writing. In her work with education students who are preparing to take the New York State Teacher Certification Exams (NYSTCE), she emphasizes using test prep to help students explore ways they might approach test prep in their own classrooms. Specifically, she encourages them to teach through the test rather than to the test. She has begun work on a series, “A Watson Guide,” on writing and preparing for teacher certification.

She loves insects and spiders, and many of her photos can be viewed on bugguide.net


All photographs on this website are hers, unless noted otherwise.

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