I am a writer, poet, and teacher. I was born in Syracuse, N.Y. where I spent part of my childhood before moving with my family out to the suburbs. Our subdivision was still being carved from farmers’ fields, and I spent many hours exploring that acreage, often with many of the neighborhood dogs at my side. We had three family dogs – Snowball, Silky, and Tammy – and it was just natural that I’d pick up a few more on the way in my wanderings.

As an adult I moved north, and have been here ever since. When friends from downstate try to imagine where I am, I tell them, “Think Canada.” It isn’t much of an exaggeration –  for decades I have lived just a short drive from the Canadian border.

And, all photographs are mine, unless noted otherwise. A part of the natural world I am particularly fascinated by is insects. You can find many of my photographs of insects on bugguide, the website of the Iowa State University Department of Entomology.