NYSTCE: Test Prep

(Note: LINK to Blog update about test date availability)


Use the test, don’t let it use you – or your students. Teach through the test, not to the test.

Visit my other website, eudorawatson.education.com to request my free booklet to get you started on test prep for the NYSTCE exams: Calm and Effective Prep for the EAS and CST _ An Introduction.


Frankly, if test prep isn’t about using critical thinking skills, I don’t want anything to do with it. As you prepare for your exams, try this:

Wear two hats – one the hat of a person preparing for a standardized exam, and the other the hat of a person who will be preparing their own students for standardized exams.

In other words, make every effort to use test prep as a means to help you explore ways you might approach test prep in your own classroom.

Specifically, I encourage you to teach through the test rather than to the test.

Q. Why should you pay attention to what I have to say?

A. I’ve worked with a few hundred students as they prep for the NYSTCE.

Also, as a former grade-school teacher, I’m passionate about helping people discover the potential of learning to write by writing. I have over a decade of experience teaching writing in public schools and have taught college level courses in Composition and Literature. I’ve worked as a writing consultant in public and private schools to help teachers invigorate their writing instruction, and I’ve taught a non-credit writing class for seniors.

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