Training Shelter Dogs – Gils works with Pedro

When you visit a shelter and the dogs start barking, you might get the impression that chaos reigns. And you might think that this environment isn’t very conducive to dog training. But you’d be wrong, at least at the Potsdam Humane Society Shelter. Here’s a video of PHS staff member Pedro H. DeSouza working with our boy Gils on the cue “down:” VIDEO of PEDRO and GILS working together in the PHS dog park.

Now that’s focus!

That nice job with consistency and follow-through on Pedro’s part pays off – Gils understands what’s being asked of him and is happy to oblige. “Yes” serves as the marker word that Gils has correctly followed the cue, “down,” and the treat is the reward. Gils also knows the cues “come,” “sit,” “touch,” and “shake.” Gils has a tough-guy look, but he’s also a smart boy who will reward the person who gives him a home and, hopefully, continues with his training.

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