Shelter Dogs Update: Mowgli gets a second chance

I’ve been working with Mowgli since the beginning of August. We had a short interruption when a couple took him home but discovered he was not the right dog for them. The manners Mowgli had gained over time fell apart a little – and that’s no surprise given the rapid changes in his life. His good humor remained, though, and his manners got right back in line and were improving.

While I was worrying that Mowgli wasn’t going to find his person, someone else was keeping an eye on him. She arranged to come meet him, and, to everybody’s delight, she took him home to live with her!

Mowgli got another chance at being a member of a household.

Mowgli is a shy dog, especially with men, and he lacks confidence – he is not a dog who will run to you looking for affection when he first meets you. While he does need someone who will take the time to earn his trust, his friendliness and intelligence shine through during training sessions. Fortunately, the woman who came to visit him saw his potential.

Beautiful Mowgli on a beautiful fall day in the Potsdam Humane Society’s dog park.

Mowgli is an intelligent, spirited companion with a great sense of humor. Hopefully he’s found his true home.

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